Corghi Exact 7 8CCD Aligner


EXACT 7 is a professional wheel aligner with 8 sensors for passenger cars and vans.

Wireless data transmission

Commercially available AA rechargeable batteries with recharger on a unit.

Extremely low light sensitivity for working even in very bright light conditions.

Run Out Compensation. Push-type, 2 & 3 point and single sensor or skip

Made in Italy

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0.01 data display
10 to 26 wheel clamps
User-friendly software with easy access tutor help
Re-Chargeable AA batteries
Total toe 20 Half toe 10 Camber 10 Caster 30 King-pin 30 Set back 10
A first-class world based databank
User databank modified vehicle data
Customer data bank,
Quick alignment results

Turn Tables

Steering wheel holder

Brake pedal depressor

Colour printer

LCD Monitor

Clamps 10-26″ Clamp


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